Saturday, December 22, 2007

Mummi Pepperkakehus

Today Jukka came over and we made the Mummi Pepperkakehus. I had bought the forms from Hikmet. I had made the dough yesterday, and it was very good. However, it is very hot here, even if we worked out in the living room with the aircon on. Not very good for baking.

This is the tricky part! We both got burned on our hands. :-(

Under construction.

Mission accomplished. The proud architects!

Lille My likes the house. Snusmumriken is visible on the right, too.

I took it to a Christmas party with Mamma's family. They all loved it! Edvard ate a lot, too!

Two days ago I also baked kransekake. It is now in the freezer, and I will assemble it on Christmas Day. Stay tuned!


KenJ said...

Fancy house - I'm impressed!

Anonymous said...

Wow that is a real masterpiece. I'm impressed too. You must be a real expert in baking huh. ^^

Helmer Aslaksen said...

Thanks! It's actually quite easy, and a fun thing to do with friends or family!