Thursday, October 21, 2010

July-Oct 2010

Anna was sick for three weeks with a nasty urinary tract infection. She had to stay in hospital for two weeks. She had over 40 in fever for more than two weeks! Pappa slept with her, while Mamma stayed there during the day.

After one week she got a single room, and when I also brought her pizza, she finally cheered up!

Both Anna and Edvard like playing with their doctor sets, and when there was a "career day" at school, they played doctors. These pictures are taken by Anna's teacher. I think Anna would make a good doctor!

Pappa and Anna getting ready for her first theater show! "Sesame Street Live: When Elmo Grows Up". Edvard doesn't like dark places, so it was just Pappa and Anna.

We didn't have a big party for Anna's birthday this year, but I still made a cake for her. Vegard was visiting us then.

We also had a party at school for her. We bought a Princess Ariel cake.

Mid-Autumn performance at school. Both of them are nicely dressed up.

Making mooncakes.

Making cookies at home.

Edvard can write his own name with Play-Doh.

Feeding and touching the sea lion.

Feeding the manatees.

Feeding the goats.

Lemurs are fun!

Edvard does not like the kangaroos anymore, but Anna still likes feeding them.

They both like feeding the rhinos.

Feeding birds at the Bird Park.

Getting ready for the street luge at Sentosa with Anna. Edvard didn't want to do it.

Waiting for waffles after dinner.

Thanks to the IPhone, Edvard now lets people cut his hair!

I try to get them interested in Disney movies, but Grandma gives them lots of Ultraman, Power Rangers, Spider-Man, Superman and Batman movies.

Mamma getting ready for her karaoke performance!

In Singapore the top students at exams are big celebrities.

Hung-Hsi Wu and Kuniko visiting.

Hung-Hsi as guest of honour for the prize presentation of the Singapore Math Olympiad.

Special Program in Science Dean's Tea.

Dinner with former Special Program in Science Head Mentors.

With Kasie and Leo at Australian National University.

Dinner with the Singaporean students at the joint M.Sc. in Science Communication.