Saturday, February 28, 2009

Anna starts childcare

This month Anna started in childcare. She was crying a lot the first few days, but now she seems to be very happy. She also likes being in the same childcare as Edvard, but Edvard seems to feel that his little sister has invaded his domain a bit.

We've also celebrated Edvard's third birthday. We brought cupcakes to childcare. At first Edvard ran and hid in the corner, but eventually he came out and joined the rest.

We also had a party where I baked some cakes. I'm getting pretty good at Kong Oscar, but I still need to work on kranskake.

Edvard's favorite toy is a set of animal cards that Aunt Eva gave him for Christmas. He plays with them every night before going to bed.

He also likes helping Mamma with her makeup.

Anna is a happy girl!

Every Saturday they go to a gym play group.

Blowing bubbles with Grandma.

We go to the Zoo almost every Sunday.

Dinner with Roger Howe and Lynn.