Monday, February 25, 2008

Edvard's Birthday, Part 2

We have been celebrating Edvard's birthday for almost two weeks! We had a big party for him on Saturday. However, first we took him to the hairdresser. He hates having his hair cut, and screams the whole time, but he looks great afterwards!

I baked two Kong Oscars kake, and one kransekake (wreath cake). I had baked the kransekake in December and kept it in the freezer until now. I had a bit of problem putting it together, and the icing was a bit too thin, so it looked a bit funny, but the taste was wonderful and I learned a lot! I have also finally figured out how to get the yellow cream for Kong Oscars kake stiff.

Blowing the candles!

The next morning, Edvard surveyed his mountain of presents!

He got a nice book in the mail from tante Ell!

On Sunday we went to the Zoo with some Norwegian friends. Edvard got to ride on an elephant!

Edvard is very kind to his little sister! He has learned how to put the pacifier back in her mouth when she loses it.

Edvard has improved a lot at climbing!

We gave him a slide for our balcony on his birthday!

He loves the slide in the playground downstairs, too!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Edvard's Birthday!

Edvard turned two years old on 13 February. I bought cupcakes and took them to childcare. I actually think my own taste better, but these looked nicer.

I brought Anna and Janette along, too.

Just hand over the cupcake and no one will get hurt!

All the kids had a great time, but Edvard was crying most of the time. :-(

I made balloon animals for all the kids, too!

We've also done other stuff. Last weekend we took Anna swimming for the first time. She liked it.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Chinese New Year

We had a nice visit from Bernt ├śksendal and Giulia Di Nunno just before Chinese New Year.

There was a big CNY party at Edvard's childcare.

Anna is growing up and can sit with us at dinner now.

Grandma, the two cousins and Jukka came for reunion dinner on the eve of CNY.

The kids are great friends!

After dinner, Jukka and I baked almond and walnut CNY cookies.

The almond cookies came out great!

Anna is very cute!

Anna and grandma!

Karen's uncles and aunts came over on CNY.

Full house!

Edvard and Mamma are very close!

The whole family!


Edvard loves Mamma!

On the second day of CNY we went visiting. First to Sun Laoshi, Edvard's favorite childcare teacher.

Don't you think I look cute?

Then we went to visit Ah Kuai, who used to clean for us before Janette started working for us.

Anna and Ah Kuai's 93-year old mother-in-law.

Edvard has gotten very good at sliding. Even in his CNY best!