Friday, December 21, 2007

Edvard and Anna at Home

For earlier pictures of Edvard and Anna, please see the home page of Edvard and Anna.

Here you can see Edvard wearing his school uniform!

This is the sports version of the school uniform.

Edvard is very sweet to Anna most of the time, but he is becoming a bit possessive of his toys.

Here we are saying good night to them!

Edvard is quite photogenic. Here are some samples from his modeling portfolio. In the bathroom.

By the swimming pool.

On our balcony.

Anna is working on her portfolio, too. Mamma is still her stylist.

Anna is a very happy girl, just like her Mamma!

One day cousin Merete came to visit!

This is by the swimming pool during Anna's one month party. Our maid, Janette, likes my baking!

Edvard is getting much better at Duplo, but I still have to help him a bit.

We bought him a little tent from IKEA last week. He loves it!

The best Mamma in the world!

We made a Christmas calendar for them.

Jukka and Guy helped us decorate the Christmas tree. Jukka was a forestry major as an undergraduate, so we brought him along as a consultant when buying our plastic Christmas tree!

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