Friday, December 21, 2007

Edvard and Anna out and about

On Sundays we usually go to the Zoo, the bird park or the Science Centre.

One day Jukka came along. Edvard likes Jukka, because he is used to his voice from all the hours we have run together with Edvard in the baby jogger.

Every Monday morning I take Edvard to the playgroup at the Norwegian church. This is from the Christmas party.

That was the first day we brought Anna along, too. I also decided to bring Janette along to help me handle two kids.

We live right next to West Coast Park, which is very nice!

Edvard is a sweet boy!

He is quite good at walking in stairs now. Notice the extra railing at the childcare!

Here we are out celebrating Mamma's birthday together with Grandma!

He is still very scared of slides, but once I get him going, he loves it.

It may take a couple of minutes to get him to go down, but it is worth it!

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