Thursday, December 27, 2007


We opened presents on Christmas Eve.

Anna practicing opening presents.

Edvard got a little train set from Mamma and Pappa.

In the evening we went for a fabulous dinner at the Norwegian church. Janette was the only maid there. The other maids were waiting outside or sitting alone at home.

The kids threw Santa Claus into the swimming pool! But Edvard was scared of him, and had to be carried by Pappa.

On Christmas Day, Jukka came for rice porridge lunch. He gave the kids a set of Moomin soft toys!

They can't talk, but they seem to communicate somehow.

We hope they will always be friends!

Bedtime mayhem.

More bedtime mayhem!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Beautiful Babies

Here are some pictures of the kids taken with Mamma's phone.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Mummi Pepperkakehus

Today Jukka came over and we made the Mummi Pepperkakehus. I had bought the forms from Hikmet. I had made the dough yesterday, and it was very good. However, it is very hot here, even if we worked out in the living room with the aircon on. Not very good for baking.

This is the tricky part! We both got burned on our hands. :-(

Under construction.

Mission accomplished. The proud architects!

Lille My likes the house. Snusmumriken is visible on the right, too.

I took it to a Christmas party with Mamma's family. They all loved it! Edvard ate a lot, too!

Two days ago I also baked kransekake. It is now in the freezer, and I will assemble it on Christmas Day. Stay tuned!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Edvard and Anna out and about

On Sundays we usually go to the Zoo, the bird park or the Science Centre.

One day Jukka came along. Edvard likes Jukka, because he is used to his voice from all the hours we have run together with Edvard in the baby jogger.

Every Monday morning I take Edvard to the playgroup at the Norwegian church. This is from the Christmas party.

That was the first day we brought Anna along, too. I also decided to bring Janette along to help me handle two kids.

We live right next to West Coast Park, which is very nice!

Edvard is a sweet boy!

He is quite good at walking in stairs now. Notice the extra railing at the childcare!

Here we are out celebrating Mamma's birthday together with Grandma!

He is still very scared of slides, but once I get him going, he loves it.

It may take a couple of minutes to get him to go down, but it is worth it!

Edvard and Anna at Home

For earlier pictures of Edvard and Anna, please see the home page of Edvard and Anna.

Here you can see Edvard wearing his school uniform!

This is the sports version of the school uniform.

Edvard is very sweet to Anna most of the time, but he is becoming a bit possessive of his toys.

Here we are saying good night to them!

Edvard is quite photogenic. Here are some samples from his modeling portfolio. In the bathroom.

By the swimming pool.

On our balcony.

Anna is working on her portfolio, too. Mamma is still her stylist.

Anna is a very happy girl, just like her Mamma!

One day cousin Merete came to visit!

This is by the swimming pool during Anna's one month party. Our maid, Janette, likes my baking!

Edvard is getting much better at Duplo, but I still have to help him a bit.

We bought him a little tent from IKEA last week. He loves it!

The best Mamma in the world!

We made a Christmas calendar for them.

Jukka and Guy helped us decorate the Christmas tree. Jukka was a forestry major as an undergraduate, so we brought him along as a consultant when buying our plastic Christmas tree!

Edvard in Childcare

Edvard has a great time in childcare. There are 10 kids, four Chinese girls, one Dutch girl, one Arab girl, one American girl, one American boy, and one other White-Chinese mixed boy.

All the kids are very nice, and there are no bullies.

The teachers are also very nice. Edvard's favorite is the Chinese teacher. She really loves Edvard, too!

For climatic reasons, they are mostly indoors, but they have a little playground, too.

Edvard's social skills have improved a lot after he started in childcare, and he is not as scared and timid as he used to be.

I drop him off in the morning, and Mamma picks him up in the afternoon. We plan to send Anna there once she turns 18 months. But at that time, Edvard will graduate to another childcare for kids over 3 years.