Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Year's Eve

Anna is six months now, so I've started taking her along when I go running with Edvard and she loves it! Edvard is maybe not so happy about his little sister intruding into this Pappa-Edvard activity, but I think he's getting used to having her next to him.

I have a single baby jogger that I have used with Edvard for over a year, but as soon as we were expecting Anna, I started looking around for double baby jobbers. I got a cheap one through E-Bay. It's not a very good model, but it works, and because of my hip injury I can't run as much as I would have liked to anyway. The baby jogger is a fabulous invention!

We had Eng Chye and his whole family over for dinner. The kids said that my pizza was better than Pizza Hut's, and they loved Grandma's almond cake (kong Oscars kake).

I have finally figured out how to make the cream stiff.

Edvard is a bit jealous, and very possessive over toys, but most of the time they are very good friends!

Edvard is now very good at jumping down from the bed, and loves to show off his skills!

On New Year's Eve we went for buffet dinner with Jukka. Janet likes buffet dinners, but she also complains about gaining 5kg after she started working for us. But I don't think feeding your maid too much cake is considered maid abuse.

The proud mother!


Edvard is getting much braver these days!

He dares to do more fun stuff!

Now he has learned to kick a ball!