Thursday, June 24, 2010

Norway June 2010

We were fortunate enough to stay with Guri and Erik this summer again. This is very nice for the kids. They love playing with the cat!

Playing in the garden at Guri and Erik's.

Hanging in the Bat Cave in the basement.


With Guri and Ingunn at the stables.

Guri and Erik off to Færder'n.

Off to a wedding.

Dinner with Helle and Olav.

Dinner with Iulie and Tom and the Vogt family.

With Iulie and Tom at the airport.


The kids were too small to drive the radio cars, but some older boys let the kids drive with them.

With Lars at Lykkja!

Anna (Jia Xue) getting her first taste of snow.

Bear Park at Flå.

Visiting cousin Eva.

Visiting cousin Agnes and aunt Ell.

Visiting Aleksander, Lars and Trude.

Pizza party.

With Beate at Frognerparken.

Edvard and Anna love the children's shopping carts.

Husdyrparken at Ekeberg.

At the Folk Museum.

Playing at the airport.

In the taxi from the airport in Singapore.

Helping Pappa make pizza!

Haw Par Villa (Tiger Balm Gardens).

May 17 in Singapore.

Sunday at the Zoo!

Batman to the power of 2!

Anna hanging with the big girls at Mamma's school.

Workshop with the Gifted Education Programme.