Friday, December 21, 2007

Edvard in Childcare

Edvard has a great time in childcare. There are 10 kids, four Chinese girls, one Dutch girl, one Arab girl, one American girl, one American boy, and one other White-Chinese mixed boy.

All the kids are very nice, and there are no bullies.

The teachers are also very nice. Edvard's favorite is the Chinese teacher. She really loves Edvard, too!

For climatic reasons, they are mostly indoors, but they have a little playground, too.

Edvard's social skills have improved a lot after he started in childcare, and he is not as scared and timid as he used to be.

I drop him off in the morning, and Mamma picks him up in the afternoon. We plan to send Anna there once she turns 18 months. But at that time, Edvard will graduate to another childcare for kids over 3 years.

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