Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Edvard's Birthday Party

We had a little birthday party for Edvard. I made a kransekake, but we also bought a Batman cake for him.

Anna likes Jarlsberg cheese!

Spider-man is Edvard's the big hero, with Batman running a close second, and Superman third. We have bought lots of outfits for him, and he loves wearing them. It must be very hot under those masks!

We've also bought a big Spider-Man doll for him.

Spider-man and Batman planning their attack.

But why are they attacking Mamma!?!

Performing in the Chinese New Year show at their new child care. Anna at the front, next to the teacher.

Edvard was a bit nervous, and two seconds after this picture was taken he ran to the toilet.

But he came back and joined in! I was very impressed and proud of him!

Anna gets a prize!

Edvard's class. He was a bit shy so I had to stand behind him.

He was not afraid of joining in for the food!

Enjoying the Year of the Tiger!

Sundays at the Zoo.


The tortoises move surprisingly quickly and silently, and are very heavy, so they can be a bit scary. But Anna is getting braver and braver.

With Odin and Mads at the Zoo. Anna got a lot of attention. :-)

But Mamma is of course the main center of attention!

Students in my M.Sc. program for teachers.

My old classmate Arild Sekse from Bergen.

Meeting with Trond Giske.

Dinner with Randy and Fred Damon.

Dinner with Eng Chye and family.

The kids like to eat Pappa's pizza!


missusem said...

Happy belated Syttende Mai :).. came across your norwegian-singapore blog..

Helmer Aslaksen said...

Happy Syttende Mai to you too! :-)