Monday, February 15, 2010

Edvard's Birthday, Chinese New Year and Pappa in San Francisco,

Edvard just turned four. He is hooked on Spider-Man at the moment, and loved the Spider-Man costume I gave him for his birthday.

We got him a Spider-Man cake for the birthday party at his childcare. I hate buying cakes, but I've realized that for childcare parties, looks are more important than taste, so I save my own cakes for the parties at home. The kids like the new childcare. Edvard has a male teacher, and likes that. Unfortunately, Edvard is still having a bit of problems, and it was very difficult to get him to join his classmates for the party. :-(

Celebrating the year of the tiger at the Zoo!

Anna taking charge at the Zoo!

All dressed up for CNY party at home.

Spider-Man has his powers, but Anna stands her ground!

Edvard likes Prata and Dim Sum!

I bake peppern√łtter for both Christmas and Chinese New Year, and Anna really likes them! That warms my heart and I'm sure my mother and my grandmother would have been proud of her, too!

As usual, I went to the AMS/MAA joint meeting in January. This year it was in San Francisco. I'm always very at these meetings and rarely have time to meet up with friends, but fortunately Lars was able to meet me at the airport and we had lunch together.

Charmaine Sia, who used to attend my GEP talks, won the Alice T. Schafer Prize! She really impressed me when she was in Secondary 2(?) and immediately got the difference between the p31m and p3m1 wallpaper patterns!

Don Knuth (the father of TeX!) and Marcus du Sautoy.

The Euler Prize Committee.

I had some very nice runs in SF. One morning I covered all the hills in central San Francisco!

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