Monday, June 29, 2009

Norway June 2009

I think what the kids love most about Norway is the children's shopping carts at the grocery stores.

Some of the guests at the traditional pizza party.

Walking around Holmendammen.

Anna og anda.

At the playground at Holmendammen.

With cousins Eva and Anna at Ramme farm.

At Eva's place.

Anna + Anna

At Oddvar's tomb.

Pizza with Guri's family.

Watching Kung Fu Panda with Guri's family.

Jamming at Guri and Erik's place!

Playing with the cat.

Sankthans at Holmendammen.

Janette made some new friends

Guri and Erik off to sail the Færdern Regatta, the worlds largest overnight regatta.

Confessions of a shopaholic? Buying a Moomin house at "Riktige Leker".

Enjoying more Schleich animals.

Playing with the trampoline at Egil's place. We just found out that Egil's oldest son had voiced Thumper/Trampe in the Norwegian version of Bambi. Respect!!!

Playing with Aleksander at Lars's place.

Visiting Kirsten og Kjell.

Playing at the animal farm at Ekeberg.

Dinner with Beate's family.

Playing at the Fram Museum.

Enjoying the stave church at the Folk Museum.

Enjoying lefser at the Folk Museum.

Making lefser with Guri at home.

Visiting Lars's mother.

Sailing with Guri's family.

Dinner with Terese and the Smith family. Anna likes playing with the boys!

Anders and Oluf.

Merete and the kids.

Dinner with the Vogt family.

Tante Elle gave Edvard a fire engine, which he loved playing with at the table.

Anna and Eva.

In Frogenrparken with tante Helen, Iulie and Tom.

Lunch with Per and Liv.

We got two upgrades to business class on the way home!

Anna at the playground.

At the pool.

Anna is already a master of social networking.

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