Thursday, May 21, 2009

April-May 2009

Pappa's latest toy: a double hotplate for making pancakes at the table for Saturday dinner!

Mamma invited her class for a party, and I taught 25 primary school kids how to make pizza. Quite an educational challenge, given that almost all of them have maids at home and have no experience with housework. However, it went very well, and there was enough food for everybody. Maybe I should buy an additional pizza oven?

Inspecting our new house.

Playing together.

Playing at West Coast Park.

Anna swinging at the Norwegian Church.

Every Sunday we're either at the Zoo, Bird Park or Animal Resort. They love to feed the animals.

Anna even rode a pony. Next time she'll try without the pacifier!

Going for a swim.


Holiday Programs for Kids in Singapore said...

This would be such a great holiday programs for kids, learning to make pizza and impress their parents later on. I am sure the session provides lotsa fun, just wondering how much mess did they cause though. A lot of cleaning up for sure, considering there's 25 kids you have to manage.

Helmer Aslaksen said...

It wasn't too bad, but I was glad I wasn't alone in cleaning up afterwards!