Monday, December 14, 2009

Zoo, BirdPark and Pappa in Madrid

I was in Madrid for a conference, and had a lot of fun trying to find sites from the Spanish Civil War. I was fortunate to meet Stephen Drake-Jones who runs the Wellington Society of Madrid, and organizes historical walking tours in English. Highly recommended!

We walked around near Ciudad Universitaria. Here Stephen sits near a statue with bullet holes on both sides.

Standing in front of a Nationalist pill box in Parque del Oeste.

No pasaran! Then and now. Stephen helped me find this location. What you see in the background is Plaza Mayor!

We still go to the Zoo every Sunday.

Sometimes we go to the BirdPark instead.

Dinner with Terje and Elin from Sandnes who stayed with us a few days.

Al fresco dining at home.

Class pictures.

Anna driving.

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