Monday, December 1, 2008

November 2008

I have started the Christmas baking. I first made a batch of peppern√łtter, using my mother's recipe. They are quite simple to make, but delicious, so go ahead and try the recipe on my baking page yourself.

Next came a batch of goro, using my grandmother's recipe. They are much harder, and I had never done it before. But I want to make sure that my kids get to experience the lovely cakes my grandmother made, and I hope they will eventually pass on the traditions, too. So with the help of my cousin Eva, I got a goro iron from Norway, found a recipe and went ahead. The hard part is to roll out the dough in a thin layer, which is not easy to do with a sticky dough in the tropics. I really wish I had baked it with my grandmother when she was still around, but I learned a lot, and hopefully it will be easier next year! The recipe is on my baking page.

We have also put up the Christmas tree.

Most weekends we go to the Zoo or the Bird Park. Here we are feeding the giraffes!

Watching the jaguars being fed.

Edvard and an emu.

Edvard doing his "happy dance" with a swan at the Bird Park.

Anna is a very clever and happy girl!

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