Sunday, October 19, 2008

October 2008

They are both working on their modeling skills.

We are often stopped by strangers who want to take pictures with the kids!

Meeting the lions at the Zoo.

Edvard can eat noodles.

Anna eating waffles at the Norwegian church.

I take them to the playgroup at the Norwegian church every Monday. I'm the only pappa in the mamma-group.

At the pool.

We have a little playground at our condo.

We often go to a "playscape", where Edvard loves to crawl around, but Anna so far mostly sits in the ball pool.

Edvard likes Duplo!

At Underwater World.

Edvard is very happy in his childcare. However, they do not take kids older than three, so then we will move him to another kindergarten, and start sending Anna there, too.

There are six Singaporean students going to the University of Oslo this year. I had a dinner for them together with some of the students from Oslo who are at the NUS this year.