Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Anna's first birthday!

Anna turned 1 on July 3, and she celebrated by taking her first steps on that day!

Anna enjoying one of her presents.

They both love the kitchen set.

Visiting Pappa in the hospital when he had his appendix removed.

We had a big birthday party for Anna. I had planned to bake a lot of cakes, but ended up in the hospital. I got out just the day before, so I had to bake in a rush. Not everything worked out that well, but I learned a lot. Unfortunately the picture was taken with the flash off, but I hope you can see the kransekake, toscakake and kong Oscars kake (with an Elmo face!),

Opening Anna's presents the day after the party.

Enjoying the penguins at the Bird Park.

We bought a buggy board for Edvard, so now he can stand behind Anna on the stroller.

Anna is already very good with the ball. She trying to decide whether she wants to play football or handball. The Norwegian women's football team won the Olympics in 2000 and the World Cup in 1995 and the women's handball team won the World Cup in 1999 and lost the Olympic final to South Korea in both 1988 and 1992.

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