Sunday, June 29, 2008

Norway June 2008

We had three wonderful weeks in Norway in June 2008.

Edvard and Mamma checking in.

Edvard likes to stay close to Mamma.

Anna is all over the place.

We were very fortunate in that Lars Kristiansen let us stay in his apartment at Torshov. We could go for lovely walks along Akerselven.

Visiting Iulie and Tom.

We had a great weekend with Guri, Erik and Ingunn at their cabin.

Enjoying a quiet moment in the the morning.

Watching the swans.

Edvard got his first boating lesson from Guri!

Visiting Helga and Svein.

Anna teaches Edvard how to turn off the TV.

At Holmenkollen.

Visiting Erling and Astri where we had stayed in 2006.

Edvard helps teaching Anna to walk.

Visiting Kristian and Inger.

Breakfast at Torshov.

Tante Eva had taken out lots of fun stuff to play with!

Tante Eva even had special plates and utensils for Anna and Edvard!

And she had a BIG ball!

After dinner we went to Ramme gård to look at cows.

We had lunch with Bobben and Reidar at Bygdøy.

Reidar has a big gong that Edvard loved!

Bergljot and Lasse joined us, too.

On June 7 we had a naming party for Anna at tante Ell's. Here Anna is playing in the garden of her great-grandmother Anna.

Edvard loved staying with tante Ell.

We had almost 30 guests.

Onkel Carsten giving a speech.

Playing with second-cousin Anders.

With Carsten and Terese outside great-grandma's old house.

Karen with Edvard, Ellen, Helmer and Anna.

Tante Ell with Anna.

Playing on the terrace on Sunday morning.

Visiting Beate and Per-Magnus.

Visiting Kirsten and Kjell.

Sindre and Bente who stayed in Singapore in 2007 let us have a baby party at their place.

Pappa and Edvard at the playground in Sofienbergparken.

This is where Pappa was born, the former "Kvinneklinkikken i Josefines gate", which is now an apartment hotel.

Staying on the third floor was great practice for Edvard!

We went to the Høyer family party in Horten. It was the same weekend as the Færderseilasen regatta. Guri and her brother Hans Petter invited us on board the boat they were on.

Dinner at the Høyer party.

With tante Lucy.

Visiting Merete.

Anna is a happy girl!

We all had a great time in Lars's apartment.

Edvard visited his first stave church at the Folk Museum. He loved running around the external gallery.

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